But the rain won't fall for the both of us.
The sun won't shine on the both of us.
Believe me when I say,
That I wouldn't have it any other way.

A Move Across the Country - A New Life


Hello. My fiancee and I are trying to raise money to move to Oregon. There are many reasons we need this move. The most important of those being to get away from my home, where my parents alcohol use has begun to damage our relationship and lives. To allow my fiancee to spend the little time she has left with her grandmother, who is suffering from severe Alzheimer’s. And to help my fiancee rebuild her relationship with her recently clean mother, whom she hardly knows. We both need this move more than anything, and if you could spare even a few cents it would mean the world to both of us. 

Please, if you have time read the full story, donate if you can, and if not, help spread the word. Thank you all.